Ann Brophy

Thank you for visiting the Web site of author, Ann Brophy. Ann, who has a college degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, taught Writing for Children at Fairfield University, as well as writing workshops. She has published books for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers, which you will find summarized in the "My Works" category of her website. She has written about historical characters and events, a memoir about growing up in Indiana with a most unusual grandmother, a mystery set on an isolated island that includes a strange old man with a secret, a lighthouse and a ghost held hostage. She has just finished a book about a young girl who bridges a connection between heaven and earth. Her books always include humor, in spite of the often heavy subject matter. You may find Ann's books on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, or contact her directly at annbrophy203@​gmail.com. Ann enjoys writing very much, and readers enjoy her writing also!

Selected Works

Fiction storybook with illustrations
Six stories about friendship as Roger is visited by Novus 3 on Roger's birthday and holidays throughout the year
A surprisingly upbeat story told by a girl who is murdered as she walks home from school one day and how she discovers and accepts a real connection between heaven and earth.
Young Adult Mystery
Some mysteries need the persistent attitude and indomitable spirit of a pre-teen girl to be solved. On an isolated island, strange encounters become the norm for an insightful 11-year-old girl and her siblings.
A memoir.
This book is a memoir about Agnes and her best friend, Mary Lou, who grew up in a peaceful town in Indiana in the 1940s.
A historical novel.
The tragic story of Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty in the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.
Biographical Non-Fiction
One of 10 books in the History of the Civil War, a series that brings the nation's most tragic and turbulent era to life by following the personal stories of its most prominent participants.
Teen Fiction
Madeline, a young sailor, comes to terms with the death of her father through her dog, Flash, and a mysterious swan.